Aims & Scope

The JMHR is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original articles, reviews, case and experiences reports, brief communications, letters to the editor and research protocols in the interdisciplinary, multiprofessional and interprofessional areas within the Health Sciences, Public Health, Human and Animal Medicine, Epidemiological Studies (observational and clinical). It stimulates connections between: general biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cellular and molecular biology, computer science, social sciences, ecology, engineering, epidemiology, pharmacology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, nutrology, oncology, pathology, planning and management in health and chemistry. Thus, the JMHR is composed of 14 main sections, including the following:

  • Biostatistics;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Health Behavior, Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion;
  • Health Communication;
  • Health Economics;
  • Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases;
  • Epidemiology of specific and vulnerable population groups;
  • Physical Exercise and Health;
  • Nutrology and Clinical Nutrition;
  • Environmental Health, Ecology and Environment;
  • Oral Health;
  • Women's Health in the puerperal pregnancy cycle;
  • Worker's health; Occupational health and safety;
  • Mental health.