Presentation of the Journal of Multiprofessional Health Research



In today's days, we have followed a series of "sine wave lags" regarding science, health, education, and the environment in the context of Brazil and many countries in the world. We are against autocratic and, above all, fundamentalist actions. We experience moments of immediacy and denialism of science that has deleterious effects in the sense of compromising the future of the country. Science in Brazil, which has a history of scrapping, is moving towards dismantling, with unimaginable cuts, affecting generations of young researchers.

In view of the context described and the defense of scientific evidence in a multiprofessional, interdisciplinary and interprofessional nature, on December 11, 2020 the Journal of Multiprofessional Health Research (JMHR) was born. It is a scientific journal of open access, peer-reviewed, bilingual, indexed, interdisciplinary, having publications in continuous flow, linked to Editora Sanus. The journal covers the following areas of knowledge: Health Sciences, Public Health and Human and Animal Medicine. Thus, it ratifies its interdisciplinary and multiprofessional character regarding the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

JMHR will publish original articles, reviews, case and experience reports, short communications, letters to the editor and research protocols. Stimulates connections among general biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, computer science, social sciences, ecology, engineering, epidemiology, pharmacology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, nutrology, oncology, pathology, planning and management in health and chemistry.

Thus, we invite the entire academic/scientific community to submit manuscripts to JMHR for greater sharing, strengthening and dissemination of scientific knowledge in our country.


Welcome, all of you!


Salvador, December 14, 2020.


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